To Educate Individuals and Communities with the Word of God
through Effective Visual and Tactile Presentations

The Bible Box is designed for a large segment of the world’s population. The
Bible Box message starts with God creating the world and everything in and
around it. Fourteen key events have been selected from God’s creation to
the eternal home, Heaven, for those who accept Jesus Christ..
The Bible Box History
Our Goal
Originally, The Bible Box was developed as a teaching aid for stimulating
and engaging adults with developmental disabilities in a weekly Sunday
School program at First Presbyterian Church, Boulder, Colorado. The
volunteer teacher created this interactive teaching tool. The Box featured
fourteen essential Bible concepts, represented by simple handcrafted
figures. The Box was designed to resemble the classic “Holy Bible” with its
heavy black binding and (simulated) red-edged pages. The words, The Holy
Bible, were centered on the outside cover inscribed in a familiar lettering

Something profound happened when these adults used this tool to identify
the various elements, trying to commit to memory their particular meaning
and often their context within scripture. Even with occasional use interest
was retained, as recalling each piece remained a challenge. Frequently,
students identified with a “favorite” piece, which made it fun to revisit The
Holy Bible.

Others in the church noted the success and the creative way of sharing the
Word of God. A church member realized the potential, produced prototypes
and initiated the market research. The response was excellent and a
copyright was obtained.
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