The Bible Box
The wood Bible Box® with 15 molded figures is an incredible Christian
education tool to help present key Bible stories, the Gospel and sermon
illustrations, teach Sunday School lessons and the developmentally disabled
plus equip Christian missions and youth ministries. These Christian symbols
powerfully represent a Biblical concept in a unique and effective way. Great
for all ages! Complete with color manual to help aid teaching. Excellent
one-of-a-kind gift.
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The Carrying Case
Padded Carrying Case
(For ease of handling and to protect
and store the Bible Box)
Carry your Bible Box in this
custom-fit soft carrying case.

SKU: BB2  Weight: 1lb.
The Bible Box really helps
clearly present the key Bible
stories, including the Gospel
of Jesus Christ to all
generations. A great teaching
tool for sermons, Sunday
School classes, youth and
children's ministries, missions
and developmentally disabled.
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New DVD with
Introduction to The Bible
Box and 3 Applications
with teaching

Spanish Language
Manual:  A translation of
the English Manual
included with each Bible
Box Order

A Bedtime Bible Box Story
Book, illustrated with
easy to read and
understand language

The Story Book can be
used as a story time for
any application
Teaching Application DVD  SKU:BB9

Spanish Bible Box Manual  SKU:BB8
A Bedtime Story Book
A graphical presentation of the
entire Bible Box in story book
language as told by a grandmother
with her enthusiasm for the Bible,
allowing the child or children to hold
the figures for visual and tactile
A Bedtime Story Book to accompany The
Bible Box
FREE with all Bible Box orders SKU:BB5