What people have been saying about The Bible Box...
Christian. Isn't that great! Two nine-year olds figured it out, said the
mother, when her son was able to lead his friend to accept Christ." Andrea
in AR

"Here in the US, The Bible Box has been a new, refreshing, effective tool to
introduce to us leaders who are looking for new and innovative ways to
effectively teach the word of God." Kurt in UT

"So far our favorite use of The Bible Box is with our grandchildren. The one
who loves it the most is our three-year old grandson, who takes out all the
figures and tells stories connected with some of them, or tells an
abbreviation of what they are about. I can't wait to deliver a Bible Box this
summer to the Compassion International people in Tanzania, because I
KNOW they find incredible places and uses for it!" Kathy in CO

"Our four-and -one half year old granddaughter was reenacting the Sunday
priestly processional at her church. All eight of her dolls were assembled
and taught the symbols of The Bible Box with the emphasis of a public
speaker in the making." Elizabeth in CA

"As a Bethel Teacher, the objects help to enhance the lessons being
taught. It is also a good way to help teach ESL (English as a Second
Language) students who are in a Bible Study about God and come from
many different countries and backgrounds." Jeannette in CO

"We are headed to South Africa this summer and I am so excited to become
fluent in the use of The Bible Box and to share it with those we meet. I also
have a friend locally that is hindered in her learning experiences, and I just
realized what a powerful aid The Bible Box can be to help her retain the
stories visually."
Corri in MA

"Thank you so much for The Bible Box. They are fantastic! I've read each
page and fingered each piece." Cindy in Mexico

"I wish I had more time to distribute The Bible Boxes. What powerful
messages one can receive and at any age level." Gordon in CA