In the US, a large number of grandparents have purchased The Bible Box as
a tool to assist in the Christian education of their children’s children.  Also,
many children are being raised by their grandparents.  The Bible Box
reinforces what the family and church activities provide.  The grandchildren
enjoy the time for building improved relationships, showing their knowledge
and replacing TV, video, electronic devices so prevalent in our society.  We
receive valuable comments and thanks from Seniors who look for unique
ideas and gifts for their younger generations.

Additionally, seniors recommend The Bible Box for retirement and medical
facilities as well as close friends where the older generations can enjoy the
years gone by with this special form of the Bible.

A very valuable organization,
Christian Grandparenting Network, has
become a very dynamic support group for Grandparents.  Their weekly
Newsletter and frequent seminars provide volumes of great ideas, spiritual
reinforcement and education.  We recommend you go on line and search
their past few issues to see the focus of Cavin Harper, Executive Director.

The Bible Box is recognized by this group as a very important tactile tool to
reinforce the relationships we want to develop with our grandchildren.